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Web applications depict a various number of processes. This could be the management of your prescriptions or the evaluation and verification of your energy data. Web applications are easier to develop than desktop applications and they offer the great advantage that you can operate on them from all over the world. Please click on the buttons below to get an impression of our last projects we have realized in cooperation with our clients so far.


comangi – eat together is a brand new platform for social dining. With comangi, users can set up their own events and cook for other people. Via Paypal, the guests pay a small contribution and can rate their host afterwards. 

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Marktplaats Zonatlas

Marktplaats Zonatlas is a platform for lead generation in the solar sector. Interested people can send any kind of inquiry and the platform´s admins can deal wth it. Thus, customers have the possibility to obtain individual offers and providers can get in contact with local customers easily. 

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We developed a web application for the department „Didactics of Physics“ of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, which is based on Python. It helps students and pupils to evaluate their physical experiments.

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Medabo is an online portal that helps you to order following prescriptions and medicines online. So you can manage your own medicines as well as those of your patients via the internet. 

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You have to share it! We developed Shine2World, a new social community that underlines the act of helping and its results.

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Tigev EnergieMS

For the engineers of Tigev we developed a system that controls energy consumption and energy bills, and thus, can give you an overview of your personal energy data.

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