Shine2World: a platform for a better society

The principle of Shine2World is: You have to share and give something back! Shine2World is a new social community and its general mission is to help other people and to receive help in return, and thus, to contribute to positive interactions within our society. You can do other people a favour and help them with things they cannot manage themselves. Maybe an older woman needs to have mowed her lawn, but is not able to do it herself, so you could take on this job for her. In return, she might help you with something else you are not able to do yourself. So just log in and see how you can help other people in your surrounding or how they can help you back! And in case they cannot give any help back, they are very grateful and happy that there are people like you making the world a little bit better. 

Mintellity has done the whole development in PHP/MySQL and parts of the conception for Shine2World. In conjunction with the founders the portal has been developed during the last months.

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