Marktplaats Zonatlas: your contact for solar energy

On the platform Zonatlas Nederland, which we developed for the corporation Zonatlas NL B.V. from the Netherlands, users have the possibility to send inquiries for solar systems to local installers. Moreover, it is possible to clarify further questions and problems directly with installation companies. This video (in Dutch) demonstrates the idea behind this future-oriented project.

The platform also provides several benefits for the people who receive and proceed these inquiries: installers and managers have the possibility to manage the inquiries autonomously and to get in contact with the users in order to consult them professionally. Since the subject of solar energy will become ever more important in the future, this platform is a quite good and easy way for laymen to receive professional information about solar energy. Furthermore, it provides the possibility to directly talk with an expert about the feasibility to install a solar system on one´s roof. The users do not have to start a time-consuming web search to find a local provider, but can receive adequate advice just from the installation companies of Zonatlas. Visit their website and try it out!   

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