Horsebrands: a shop for riders

Horsebrands with its head quarters in Münster is the first shopping club for riders and several times a week its members receive special offers. Mintellity and Horsebrands have created this Magento-shop together and our support team is still working on the further development. The shop offers all brands and equipment for horse-lovers and the actual fashion for riding. Thanks to the android and iOS app the members of Horsebrands have the possibility to be informed about special offers from all over the world at any time. 

The two apps are essencial for Horsebrands´ onlineshop, because the company sells a lot of products via social media plattforms like Facebook and Instagram, and thus, users get their direct way from the plattform to the app. A change of the devices from smartphone to computer is not necessary and the user experiments a special shopping adventure.



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