Dienstplanmacher helps coordinating your personnel

Dienstplanmacher, a corporation from Münster, offers a software that helps you to plan and coordinate your company´s personnel through a special web interface. To approve the service for the company´s personnel Mintellity and Dienstplanmacher have developed a special application for their employees: the app is designed to help coordinating and managing the personnel´s respective working hours and shifts. By using the app the employees can check when they have to work, and thus, get an overview of their own work shifts but also of those of their colleagues. Furthermore, the app helps the company´s management to easily prepare the next work schedules and also adjust them to any circumstances that may arise at short notice, for example by changing the shifts of the employees. The employees concerned will immediately be informed about these changes.  

We developed this special app for both Android and iOS and it can be used on almost every device.  


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