clockin - mobile time recording

The company TQuadrat from Ahlen in North Rhine-Westphalia offers this special and innovative system of time recording. By applying this system in their company the management saves both a lot of time and also money: the employee just has to enter his daily working hours and kind of activities o his smartphone and the company´s management can resort to all the data provided in this system without problems and without a loss of time. Thus, managers can better plan new working shifts and have an overviw about all employees and their tasks and working times.  

The advantages of clockin are as follows:  

  • direct recording of working times and all the activity
  • easy handling both by employees and managers
  • recording of position is possible
  • overview of the present state of affairs
  • exact data for any type of calculation
  • detailed evaluation
  • individual adaption
  • no investment

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