Giving support

Normally, a project does not end after the first round of development, but will be developed further regularly afterwards. It is also unlikely that each and every bug has been found after the project´s acceptance.  


Also after the completion of the first phase of development we are available as your contact partner. We provide support in terms of all questions concerning the software´s operation or when fixing bugs. 

Further development

In many cases, a lot of wishes and suggestions emerge not until the usage the system. Here, we will be at your side and support you in terms of further development and also provide our own ideas.

Our way of working

We use a special tool for our support that enables you to communicate very easily with us. Furthermore, it facilitates the entering of new tasks through a web interface or simply by email. These tasks will then be processed by our team (normally within a few days, in urgent cases at very short notice). But when it comes to larger tasks we will discuss them with you first. In case that you need telephone support, we will contact you in order to find the perfect solution for your project.

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