Once the requirements are set, we can begin with the software´s development. This includes both the conception of the software architecture as well as the programming of the concrete processes.


Depending on the project´s scope we will define several milestones on the basis of which the time scheduling takes place. As a result, each milestone should represent a presentable interim status of the respective project. 

Some examples for milestones are:

  • completion of the design
  • implementation of the design in HTML / CSS 
  • basic structure of the application incl. login
  • display page of the online shop
  • shopping cart functionality of the online shop
  • completion of the tests

Normally, it is our part to define the milestones according to the specific project. But sometimes, it may also happen that a very small project only requires one single milestone. 

Agile software development

During the past years agile software development has become more and more popular. Agile software development means that the requirements are not completely defined right from the beginning, but they are further developed during the development process. The project is divided into so-called "sprints" (eg. 2 weeks) and we will define the respective task packages for each sprint. Thus, if you realize during the development that any processes you have planned before result more or less infeasible we have the possibility to react fastly by adjusting the development´s direction when it comes to the next sprint. Each sprint should end with a new presentable version, if possible.

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