IT project management for individual software

The development of individual software consists of more than just programming code. It covers everything from recording the requirements to testing the system. And also after concluding the project we will be at your side in terms of support and further development.

Requirements for individual software

In order to develop adequate software that corresponds to the customer´s ideas the most important thing is that the requirements are stated as clearly as possible right from the beginning. Otherwise, a high increase in costs can be the result, since it may happen that parts of the software have to be developed several times.  

Therefore, it is essential to make a requirements analysis prior to the development. We are looking forward to conduct one or more workshops with you and to prepare an individual specification. At the end of this process we then should have developed a technical specification that serves as a basis for the development and as an estimation of costs.

Details about requirements analysis



After having recorded all the necessary requirements the most important phase begins, the development itself. First, we will set up a time schedule that is to point out certain milestones during the development´s process. Then, the actual development begins. Here, we always try to use agile methods. 

Even though we have worked on the customer´s specific requirements prior to the development it may happen that something changes during the development´s process. Therefore, it results beneficial to use agile methods in order to stay flexible and to be able to react to any changes quickly. During the development´s process we regularly provide our customer with a new version of the software so that he can give us direct feedback. This also assures us that the project corresponds to the customer´s ideas at any time. 

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Testing and quality assurance for individual software

After the software´s development the system has to undergo intensive testing. We already conduct several tests during the development process, but a final text executed by non-developers is always indispensable. These tests include function as well as usability tests. In this stage of the process we are also reliant on our customers´ feedback and we previously develop several test cases in order to conduct these tests.

Details about quality assurance
Testing & Qualitätssicherung


The development of a software system is seldom concluded after the first development phase. Also after its completion it requires regular support as it may happen that further individual requirements arise during the use of the system or functions defined before turn out to be impracticable. Also after having finished your project we provide support and the further development of your system. 

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