Outsourcing of software development and programming

Why not look after your core business and we take care of your development requirements? You just resort to exactly the ressources you need without taking any risk.

IT outsourcing: your external development department

Normally, a development department constits of more than just one developer. One developer might be enough for small projects, but when it comes to the development and operation of more extensive applications you require a team. Apart from developers, this team includes mainly a project manager, test persons and, eventually, a designer.

In terms of oursourcing software development we are looking forward to provide you with our experienced team, which will develop and operate your application in continuous coordination with you. You have the possibility to resort to extacly the numer of persons you require for the realization of your project without any risk.

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Programming support

However, if a development department is already established in your company, we would gladly support them during peak times. You plan to relaunch your website or you need new functionalities before the Christmas season starts? No problem, we can support you during the planning phase as well as during the implementation process.  

Outsourcing solutions are also possible at short notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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