About the Apple iPhone

No other device provides more applications than the iPhone. Especially due to its easy usability this system is very popular among private as well as business people. Apple provides the developers with several tools that facilitate the development of an iOS app. Generally, these apps are then also directly applicable on the iPad, though not yet in an adjusted resolution. 

Why do I need an iPhone app?

With an application you are always present on your clients´ end-device in the convenient way that the clients do not have to call up an extra program in order to be able to communicate with you. You can reach your customers via push messages and make available information for them offline.

iPhone app for internet portals

Ba means of your iPhone you have the possibility to surf websites of online shops and other portals by means of the browser. However, user-friendlyness is not available here. But by means of an app you can optimally transfer your portal´s functions to your clients´ devices.

Especially online shop providers significantly underestimate this possibility. Hence, you should give your clients the opportunity to acquire your goods from everywhere! 

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