About the iPad

The market launch of iPads ushered the generation of tablets. Nowadays, private users tend to buy a tablet rather than an ordinary computer.  

An iPhone app with more space

All benefits that apply to an iPhone app of course apply to an iPad app, too. But an iPad has a lot more space. Here, the device is also suitable for providing your customers with content and products they can conveniently order from their couch at home. By means of the considerably bigger display you can represent your contents in a much better way, and thus, acquire more customers.

Also apps can benefit from the iPad´s additional space in order to display certain functions and contents optimally on your tablet. A simple presentation like on the iPhone is also possible, but does not make use of the existing potential. 


Meanwhile, the iPad has established itself as a strong competitor to game consoles. iPad games enjoy a great popularity and their quality is really impressive though they are played on small portable devices.  


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