About the Apple Watch

The idea of a smartwatch is not new. In 2015 Apple introduced its own version of it in the market, the Apple Watch. It has several determined functions integrated but it is also possible to develop own applications for the watch, ideally, in combination with an iPhone. 

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Apple Watch Startbildschirm
Apple Watch Startbildschirm

When is an app for the Apple Watch beneficial?

We do not consider it absolutely necessary to have extra versions of an app for the Apple Watch. You should better ask yourself if it makes sense to transfer parts of your app to the users´ watches. 

With a smartwatch the users can see immediately who is calling or sending a message without the necessity to take out their iphone. However, the small display is neither suitable for writing messages nor for reading larger emails. Hence, the question is whether I want to provide users with information they require urgently and can collect quickly without having to take their phones out of their pockets.

In this case it might make sense to add an Apple Watch app to one´s iPhone app in order to make its usage more comfortable. But you have to consider that it might not be suitable in terms of writing or reading larger texts.

If you want to find out more about the Apple Watch check our demo version: 

Apple Watch demo version