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Our app developers will program applications for you that are perfectly adjusted to your requirements and that provide exactly the functionalities your users need!

Mobile apps for iOS

By launching its iPhone in 2007, Apple ushered the era of smartphones. No other device provides more mobile apps and though the iPhone is no longer the most popular smartphone, it represents the smartphone lifestyle like no other device does.

Furthermore, an important benefit of Apple´s App Store is that every app is tested before it is available for downloading. This results in a greater customer confidence since the users can be sure that the apps are free of maleware. 

Provide your customers with easy tools or mobile connections to your online shop that can easily be used via an intuitive surface of iOS-devices. 

As an app agency we develop native* apps for you, whether for iPhone, iPad or both and give support when bringing your app online in the App Store and, if required, help to market it. 

Details about apps for iPhone Details about apps for iPad
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Apps for Apple Watch

In 2014 Apple presented its own smartwatch called Apple Watch. In the first place the Apple Watch constitutes an extension of the iPhone: when connected with it you have access to several phone features and can receive messages. It is also possible to develop apps especially for the smartwatch.

Details about apps for Apple Watch

Mobile apps for Android

Today Android is the most frequent mobile operating system in the market. With a market share of more than 70 percent Android is far ahead of any other operating system.

This high market share stems mostly from the fact that Android as an independent operating system, and thus, can be used by various manufacturers. However, this wide range of different devices also constitutes a problem for Android developers, since each and every app has to be adjusted by the respective manufacturers to a large number of different devices. To be able to support this process we, as an app agency, perform automated tests on different devices in order to detect problems and to solve them afterwards.

We will develop your own Android app for you and we will help you to market it via the Google Play Store. With an Android app you will reach the majority of your clients at one go. 

Details about apps for Android
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Dienstplanmacher App

* in contrast to hybrid apps, native apps are developed in the language the manufacturer requires. Thus, they are more stable and can make use of the whole range of functions the devices provide. 

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