mintPages - functions

Our CMS provides a variety of different functions that are explained more detailed below.  These functions are updated and expanded regularly.

Easy management without any programming skills

You can easily manage your content without being required to have any programming skills. With just a few clicks you can insert pictures or texts or link to a video on YouTube for example. The system is especially designed for people without a profound IT knowledge.

No contractual obligation

With mintPages you do not run a risk and you are not bound to a system by long-term contracts. We want you to stay with us because you are happy with your system, not because it is set in a contract.

No license fees

There are no license fees when using mintPages. After the system´s installation you can fully benefit from it. Optionally, we offer a chargeable update service that keeps you up to date at any time.

Integration of individual designs

Since we set up every version of mintPages individually it is possible to apply almost every design to the system. We adapt the individual elements of the construction kit to the respective design and define several wrappers that allow reformatting individual sections. Thus, we provide you with elements laid out according to your own design by means of which you can manage your contents just the way you like. Combined with the different framework templates (see below) you have lots of different possibilities.


All your content can be stored in any number of languages. For each language an individual link is provided for each page, thus, each page is directly identifiable in each language.

It is possible to copy your content among the languages. In the translation mode you see all your content side by side, and thus, do not have to switch between different languages and pages. 

Search engine optimization

SEO is a vital topic for every website. minPages supports you to make individual SEO settings for each page. That means that you can store a title, a description and key words for every page. Additionally, you can insert a SEO optimized text (implying that it was considered in your design).

Management of several websites

minPages also supports various websites. If you run several websites with different domains you have to possibility to manage everything via one system. Therefore, we just have to add a new website and upload the respective layout to the server.

Integrated blog functionality

mintPages also disposes of a user-friendly blog function by means of which you can integrate blogs on your website easily in order to publish news or to present new products.

Sitemap generator for search engines

Apart from SEO, it is also important for search engines to get an overview of all your websites. With the integrated sitemap generator, the search engines are automatically provided with this overview in the right format. For each of your websites you can decide whether it shall appear in this list or not.

Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools integrated

Of course you want to know how many people have visited your website and which pages were accessed. Therefore, we integrated Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Just enter the respective ID´s during the configuration so that both tools are integrated into the system.

Different framework templates

Every page layout is different. Your homepage certainly differs from a product page. Therefore, various framework templates can be set up by means of which different page layouts can be implemented. You can choose for each page which of the framework templates you want to use and then the contents are integrated into it.

Cache for high-performance page loads

In order to achieve an optimal performance, we can activate the integrated cache. On the one hand the page loads becomes a lot faster, however, any changes become visible only after the cache time. This cache time is also adjustable. However, the cache can also be deleted completely or per page so that the current version is reloaded with the next start.

Customer login

If you want your contents to be seen by only certain visitors mintPages offers a special functionality to build up an internal area. You can decide whether your contents shall be available publicly or only for certain customer groups. Customers can belong to any number of customer groups.

Download area

If you want to offer your visitors several files for download you can easily use the already integrated download area. Just upload your content via drag and drop. It is also possible to password protect the individual areas so that they are not available to everybody.

Newsletter integration

You want your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter? No problem! The interfaces to CleverReach and MailChimp are already included in our mintPages CMS. The subscription occurs easily via your website and the competent newsletter providers ensure that your newsletters are received in the desired form.

Email support

We will not leave you alone when using mintPages. Via our email support you can ask questions and plan further extentions with us.

Hosting incl. optional updates

With our comprehensive all-round package we offer you a hosted solution that is always kept up to date. You do not have to worry about hosting or any updates.