mintPages - construction kit

By means of the construction kit it is possible to store your contents via different kinds of building blocks. The system provides the most important elements right from the beginning and enables you to store any kind of content.

mintPages - Textblock


By means of the ContentBlock you can insert different contents such as text blocks, headlines, pictures and links. This is the main building block by means of which most of the contents can be created easily.

mintPages - Videoblock


Via the VideoBlock it is possible to connect videos from YouTube easily.

mintPages - HTML Block

HTML block

When it becomes a bit more complicated, it is possible to insert any type of HTML code via this block element. Hence, you are always free to format your content the way you want.

mintPages - php Block

PHP block

For experts only! mintPages is based on PHP, thus, it is possible to insert any kind of PHP scripts as new content. 

mintPages - Slider Block


By means of this element it is possible to integrate picture sliders. It can be used for a homepage or at any position within a website.

mintPages - Blogelement

Blog elements

mintPages disposes of an integrated blog function. Via this element it is possible to insert individual entries or a list of entries into the page.

mintPages - Kontaktformular

Contact form

This element enables you to integrate a simple contact form into your website.

mintPages - Googlemaps


You can insert a Google map via this element. You can also store an address over which a marker is placed on the map.


mintPages - Statischer Block

Static blocks

Static blocks are maintained separately and can then be inserted at different positions into the pages. One example constitutes the contact address. It appears at different positions of the website and can be managed centrally via a static block.

mintPages - Registrierung / Login

Registration / Login

The system provides the possibility to set up an internal area. By means of this modul a login form or a registration form can be included.

mintPages - Suche


For the whole website, a search index will automatically be set up in the background. Via this element, a search form can be inserted that links users to the page of search results.

... apart from standard elements, mintPages can be extended by any number of further elements such as vacancies, product boxes or the like. Thus, you do not have to put together complex content with standard elements, but get a user-friendly input mask to insert your data.

Construction step by step

Apart from the elements, the construction kit is based on a line-by-line construction. Per page, any number of lines can be inserted and divided into several columns. In each of these blocks the elements described above can be inserted. Thus, the contents can be arranged easily and flexibly. 

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