Online shop

When you want to sell something on the internet you need an online shop. They range from a classical online shop where you sell your products up to a shop for downloads and other immaterial goods. But behind these shops there is often more than the customers can actually see.

Minimum requirement

These functions should always be included in your online shop:      

  • product and category management 
  • customer management
  • order management
  • display of categories and products
  • shopping basket and checkout
  • e-mail notification
  • search function

Now, there is only one last thing missing: an appealing design! After that you can already start selling your products. However, in order to run a successful online shop additonal functions are required.


Additional functions:

In order to support your online shop especially in terms of backend there are functions that are essential so that you do not have to edit all the processes manually.

  • different products (goods, goods with different sizes e.g., invisible goods)
  • customer groups incl. discounts
  • coupons
  • landing pages
  • CMS
  • SEO
  • affiliation
  • storage
  • invoices
  • dunning
  • user management incl. rights management
  • returns management 

There are further approaches that can be integrated into an online shop such as multilingualism and various mandates (e.g. a shop in Germany as well as in Austria) without the necessity to run two individual shops.

Existing shops vs. individual shop solutions

There are existing shop solutions (such as Magento, Oxid or XT-commerce) that offer a great variety of the functions named above. In case that your processes fit these solutions, the shop systems might work well as a basis for your online shop. By means of plugins it is easy to extend them into various directions, which has, of course, advantages but also disadvantages. Thus, new functions can be integrated quite easily, but what often happens is that plugins do not match and do not work properly. Furthermore, the plugins might not possess the functions you actually need, but constitute only a modification of them. In this case they have to be adjusted, which results in an unratable expense. 

In case that several adjustions have to be made, an individual development seems to be the best solution since it can be adjusted perfectly to your requirements and in a much easier way. Moreover, once you are dependant on an existing shop solution, a subsequent change results difficult and the support costs of existing shop solutions are often considerably higher than those of individual solutions.

You do not run a standard business, thus, your online shop shouldn´t either be! We are looking forward to advise you in terms of choosing the right system for your project.

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