Web application

Not only online shops but almost any application can be realized on a web-basis, from time recording to travel expense accounting to evaluations.

Extranet / Intranet

By means of an intranet or extranet you can provide your employees or clients with a closed area either within your company or on the internet in order to display certain business processes. 

You can provide your sales representatives with a plattform that records all their travel expenses for example. Thus, travel expense accounting can be done from everywhere around the world and you always stay up-to-date.


Platform-independent web applications

Web-based applications have a lot of benefits. You are able to use them from all around the world, since in general there is only a browser required. Furthermore, they are platform-independent, as there are browsers for each operating system and they normally do not require any licences if you want to use them on another computer.  



Software as a Service is a service that has become increasingly popular during the past years. It works like this: a user uses a particular service and only has to pay for the actual period he has been using this service and for the users who have actually been working with it. There are no high acquisition costs and you are only bound to a service provider for a short period of time.

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