Individual software vs. standard software

When introducing a new system you have to ask yourself wether you prefer using a standard software or an individual one. Here, the question is: do you need a software that displays your company´s existing processes or is it necessary to establish new ones?

When it comes to new processes it is easy to adjust them to a new standard software as they are not yet established within the company. But what happens when your processes are already running smoothly and you need a software to support them? In this case you have to decide whether your company shall adapt itself to the software or do you want to introduce a software that perfectly suits your needs and optimally supports all your processes?

An individual software solution offers a lot of benefits and you have the possibility to participate in the design and the scope of the software right from the start. Your employees will also be included in the development´s process in order to receive direct feedback from later users. This results in a much greater acceptance. It is not necessary to adjust any processes (or just to a minimal degree) and you can go on working as before but with additional IT support.  

Furthermore, your business will enhance and your software should adjust to this further development. With an individual software there is (almost) no limit and the software does not determine your growth but supports you in every way.

In terms of the costs of standard software many people still believe that it is considerably cheaper than individual software, since the basical systems are already there. However, these systems still have to be adjusted which is normally done by external programmers and consultants who are quite expensive. Furthermore, you are always dependant on external companies and subject to the conventions of the chosen software. In addition, there are high licence fees. In the end, one has to assess the cost-benefit-ratio of a standard software and in many cases it is much worse than the one of individual software. 

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