Social Communities

Nowadays, social communities like Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn constitute an essential part in our daily life and become ever more important. Everywhere in the world people are connected and stay in contact with each other. If you plan to create a new social community we will be your perfect and reliable partner in this matter. In cooperation with one of our clients Shine2World we developed their own social platform. Convince yourself and check out their website! It aims at helping other people and receiving support back when needed!  

For projects like these it is especially important to consider multilingualism and performance right from the beginning of the development. Those platforms work together with more than just one server, which is a challenge for every developer so this fact has to be considered early.

In any case, implementing a social media platform is a big step that has to be thought through very well. We are looking forward to talk to you and to analyze your ideas and to recognize further potential by combining your platform with other social communities.  

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Social Community Shine2World