Desktop applications

Desktop applications are classical programs that you normally install on your personal computer. Especially office products and browsers are perfect examples for desktop applications.

Sometimes a desktop application might be the right choice

Sometimes it does not make sense to use web-based applications. For example, do you need a lot of computing power or do you also need access to external end-devices? Then, desktop applications might be the best choice for you and your project.

But of course desktop applications have also disadvantages. One may be that the application has to be installed directly on the user´s computer and not every user working with it is authorized to install software on it. In this case it makes sense to include the whole respective IT apartment. Furthermore, the development of desktop applications is more complex than the one of web applications.

However, our team of developers will be your partner and we will competently advise you in this matter and together we can find out which solution is the best for you and the project you wish to realize. 

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