Customized software: individual software 

In contrast to standard software, individual software is exactly the software that covers your demands. And you will only pay for those functions that you really need and not for superfluous functionalities you will hardly use. Nowadays, the internet is indispensable, it is ubiquitous and helps us with things linke shopping, comparing prices, banking, communication and a lot more. We are looking forward to develop these applications for you, no matter whether you need an online shop through which you take and proceed new orders or whether you want to establish a system for your employees in your in-house network. No further software is required, except a browser. 

In case that you prefer a classical desktop application, we naturally also develop a Windows or Mac OS X solution for you. However, we should check in advance if it might be easier to implement the requirements through a web based solution. These solutions are often easier and also cheaper and they do not cause typical problems of desktop applications (e.g. installation).

Individual software for online shops

Nowadays, online shopping is indispensable and the turnovers of online shops increase from year to year. But an online shop is more than just the presentation of articles. Especially in the background there are a lot of processes running that are substantial for a smooth order processing.

There are also ready-made solutions (e.g. Magento) you can use to build your own online shop. But you may not forget that these solutions will always only function as a basis and that they still have to be adjusted to your personal requirements. If your business processes are well covered with these existent solutions, we are looking forward to advise and support you in terms of adjustment and installation.

But we still consider an individual shop solution to be the the best choice. We can perfectly adjust the presentation and function to your requirements and changes as well as adjustments are much faster integrated than in an existent solution. And especially optimized background processes can save time and money. In cooperation with you we will develop the perfect shop for you so that you can concentrate on selling and marketing.

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Screenshot BagOfSweets
Online Shop

Screenshot Tigev - Energie MS
EnergieMS der Tigev Ingenieure

Individual software for web applications

Online shopping is one of the most important aspects of the internet. However, apart from online shops it is possible to transfer almost any type of application to the internet. Especially data collection, communication as well as evaluations and the generation of Excel export can easily be executed by means of a web application. Here, it is beneficial that you have the possibility to start your application from all over the world. Only a browser* is required in order to be able to fully use the application.   

We will help you all the way from the planning to the development of your website and we also provide our own ideas in order to develop an application that covers your demands.  

* It might happen that additional programms like, for example, Excel are required to open Excel exports.

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Companies often work with more than just one IT system. They sell their products via an online shop for example, but the accounting department posts everything in a different programm. Therefore, in order to avoid media disruption and to save the time of the persons concerned it makes sense to develop an interface here.

We will connect all your IT systems with each other or with those of your partner so that your work processes can interlock smoothly and without problems.

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Screenshot Shine2World
Soziales Netzwerk

Individual software for social communities

Social communities accompany most of us in our everyday lives. Perfect examples are Facebook and Xing, two social communities where people can network online. The development of these social communities is not new to us, since we made great experiences in this area by developing the social platform

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Individual software for desktop-applications

In some cases it is reasonable to implement a software as a classical desktop application or a client server solution. Especially when employees are familiar with this surface it makes sense to maintain it in order to avoid a difficult phase of adjustion when changing the system.

A desktop application might also be the right choice when you have to conduct operations that are not easy to transfer into the internet (e.g. the scanning of documents) or when there is no permanent internet connection.

We are looking forward to develop new Windows or Mac OS X applications for you according to your individual requirements. 

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