In order to be able to transfer data from one  IT system to another you require an interface. Interfaces can be very different. A web service is an interface that is provided online by a system and that can be addressed by other IT systems. This may happen either via a SOAP interface, which uses a XML format or a REST interface, which is easier constructed and supports various formats.

But also the export of a file that has been imported into another system is a kind of interface. In terms of the first examples the communication is synchronous that means that you immediately receive a response after calling the web service. However, the export/import solution runs time-delayed. Normally, you do not even get a response from the system that imports the data.     

If you require an interface between several IT systems Mintellity will be your perfect partner. We have already connected a variety of systems such as

  • different payment providers  (e.g. payone, PayPal, Ogone, Billsafe, etc.)
  • accounting systems (e.g. Lexware)
  • merchandise management systems (e.g. Radix)
  • payback
  • energy consumption data (regular import of meter data)
  • fulfillment center
  • app interfaces to online shops  
  • and lots more

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